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    Just edit it inside a seperat Text Editor. To safe some lines in the actual script, the translation will be loaded afterwars, if it is needed.

    Open a for example the Microsoft Editor, paste what I sent you and go ahead. :D

    I guess I didn't understand what you mean ...

    Are you talking about creating a new script that works in parallel with yours?

    I believe I am not capable

    Alright. I thought about it and found it the easiest way, to do the translations manually.

    I suggest doing it in the same Order as it is in the Missionchief List.

    I already started a littlebit to give you an Idea on how to continue.

    Good luck and heavy working :D

    1. {
    2. "Bin Fire": "",
    3. "Container Fire": "Contenitore fuoco",
    4. "Respiratory Arrest": "Arresto Respiratorio",
    5.       "English Missionname": "Translation"
    6. }

    fantastic... i'll try it soon.

    Can i write it where i want inside the script??

    Please try editing Line 247 and replace the following. This COULD fix the problem but I'm looking forward to hear the Result

    1. //Replace:
    2. t2s.lang = lang;
    3. //with:
    4. t2s.lang = "it-IT";

    unfortunately it didn't solve the problem.

    The speech synthesizer uses the Italian accent to read the english text. I think the solution would be to translate the text written in the game into Italian and then have it read with an Italian accent.

    I try to explain myself better (unfortunately I don't understand scripts). Something would be needed that says:

    if "respiratory arrest" then translate on "arresto repiratorio".

    I saw something similar here but it works only for mission suggestions

    Einsatzhelfer auf Französisch / "Einsatzhelfer" en français

    Sure. That's possible. Could you describe your situation a littlebit closer? Your are playing the German Version of the Game? And you want the German Names of the mission translated to Italian? Please correct me if I miss understood you.

    Greetings Lennard

    Hi Lennard and thanks for your answer.
    I'm italian and i play with I've already installed "Chatter to Speech" script.
    I wrote many sentences in italian, replacing those in english and this works!
    When the script goes to reproduce the name of the mission, it pronounces it in english (as it is written in the game). I would like the mission to be read in italian.

    Hi everyone and I apologize if I'm off topic.

    I was wondering if it was possible to add in this script a function that allows you to change the pronounced name of the mission (as happens for the status sentences).

    I am Italian and it would be really nice if I could tell the script: if this mission is called "Respiratory Arrest" you have to pronounce it "Arresto Respiratorio".

    Obviously the translations in the desired language must be inserted by the player modifying the script.

    TY so much

    EDIT: "chatter to speech" script, if i'm not mistaken, reads the text inside the game page.
    Therefore, it would be enough to have a new script that translates the mission title... i don't know if is possible to do.